A Shot of Prevention for Pet Businesses

A Shot of Prevention for Pet Businesses

Don’t Let an Outbreak Happen at Your Business

Disease can spread before, during, or even after an animal is showing symptoms. For most respiratory diseases, dogs and cats are most contagious before they appear sick.

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Anywhere pets are together they are at risk for disease outbreaks.

Disease can quickly spread through the following ways:1

from-coughing-and-sneezing from-coughing-and-sneezing from-coughing-and-sneezing

From coughing and sneezing

with-contact-and-during-play with-contact-and-during-play with-contact-and-during-play

With contact and during play

through-urine-diarrhea through-urine-diarrhea through-urine-diarrhea

Through urine, diarrhea and vomiting

from-shared-bowls from-shared-bowls from-shared-bowls

From shared bowls and toys

Help Stop the Spread of Disease

Keeping your business disease-free helps all your clients have a more positive experience.

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Following these guidelines can help keep pets healthy:1

Proper cleaning

Including adequate dry times and disinfection


Frequent washing helps stop the transfer of disease

Work-only clothing

Strictly keeping uniforms separated

Rapid isolation of sick animals

Immediately separating animals if symptoms occur

require-vaccinations require-vaccinations require-vaccinations

Require vaccinations

Review vaccine history to confirm new or return clients are up to date

Requiring up-to-date vaccinations is one of the most important things you can do to protect all pets at your business.

Pet Business Facility Resources

Information you need to know on the canine and feline diseases that can put your facility and the pets in your care at risk.

disease-prevention-graphic disease-prevention-graphic disease-prevention-graphic

Disease prevention for clients

Display this poster at your business for pet owners to see.


vaccination-protocols-graphic vaccination-protocols-graphic vaccination-protocols-graphic

Vaccination protocols

Infographic of vaccines for new and returning clients.


cleaning-procedures-graphic cleaning-procedures-graphic cleaning-procedures-graphic

Cleaning procedures for staff

Helpful tips to disinfect to help stop the spread of disease.


business-protocols business-protocols business-protocols

Business protocols

A guide to best practices to prevent a disease outbreak among pets.


air-quality-infographic air-quality-infographic air-quality-infographic

Air quality infographic

Display this poster to share cleaning tips with staff.


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1. Stull JW, Sherding RG, O’Quin J, et al. Infectious Disease in Dogs in Group Settings: Strategies to Prevent Infectious Diseases in Dogs at Dog Shows, Sporting Events, and Other Canine Group Settings. September 2016.