Work Smarter with Vanguard

With updated packaging for easier storage and identification.

Work Smarter with Vanguard

With updated packaging for easier storage and identification

One Look is All it Takes

See our time-saving packaging in action.

Key Features at a Glance

Vanguard packaging was redesigned with hospital staff needs in mind, adding features and benefits that help increase safety and efficiency.

Extended tabs to easily distinguish products

extended-tab-producta extended-tab-producta extended-tab-producta

Simple naming to quickly find needed vaccines

simple-naming-needed simple-naming-needed simple-naming-needed

Color-coded labels & imagery help reduce dosing errors

color-coded-labels color-coded-labels color-coded-labels

Packaging stacks neatly in fridge for easy viewing

fridge-shot-graphic-dt. fridge-shot-graphic-dt. fridge-shot-graphic-dt.

Veterinary Hospital Resources

See our time-saving packaging in action.

vaccine-wall-chart- vaccine-wall-chart- vaccine-wall-chart-

Vaccine wall chart

A printable chart with the full line of Vanguard vaccines. For a customized chart specific to your clinic protocol, please ask your Zoetis representative.

syringe-mats-graphic syringe-mats-graphic syringe-mats-graphic

Exam syringe mats

Handy exam room organization mats for prepping wellness visit syringes.

key-features-guide key-features-guide key-features-guide

Key features guide

Key features guide for the tray card and vials. Post in your clinic for easy reference!

shop-vanguard-Vacciness shop-vanguard-Vacciness shop-vanguard-Vacciness

Shop Vanguard Vaccines

toolbox-graphic toolbox-graphic toolbox-graphic

Immunity Toolbox

product-support-graphic product-support-graphic product-support-graphic

Product Support